January 06, 2009

Vintage Find: Lime Summer Dress

Brand: Tart
Size: L
Bust 28"(unstretched), 34-38" (stretched)
Length 27"
Material: 95% Modal (cotton-like), 5% Spandex
Condition: Brand new with tags, never worn
Price: $8
Still looking for that perfect summer dress? Then look no further! Up for grabs is a ruched lime summer dress, brand new with tags and never worn.

This lime summer dress is so cute and perfect for warm weather! Throw it over your 2-piece for a easy beach cover up. After a fun day of sun, throw in some fun accessories, denim basics, and you're ready to grab some drinks! It's very versatile!

Don't let the sizing turn you away. It's a size large, but the chest ruching allows different bust sizes to wear it (I wouldn't go for this if you were smaller than a Medium size though). Also the tie straps allows you to adjust the dress to whatever length. You can even tuck in the straps to make it a strapless tube dress, ala Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

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