January 05, 2009

Deep In Vogue

In addition to my usual favorite street style sites, Deep In Vogue is one of my choice personal style/opinion (non-communal) blogs. In case you haven't discovered it yet, you're in for a treat. Vera runs the show and on her site you'll see her and her amazing outfits in party pictures, scenic backdrops, and she also details where each item of clothing is from. She has wonderful style that is simple and sophisticated.

She is obviously very passionate about fashion and in addition to the outfits that she shares, she touches on many different subjects, from specific designers, to specific items (shoes, sunglasses), to different styles like geek chic and androgynous fashion. Remember in our old blog when we did a piece on the evolution of Western beauty and fashion? Vera even incorporates mythical stories into her writing, which is something that I can appreciate, being a history major and all. Score! *Crossing my fingers to get more of this type of writing from her, and from everyone! Love the learning process.* And for our male readers, you'll be glad to hear that there are posts about male fashion too. For example, here is a great piece on the Dior Homme denim line that is quite interesting. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the great pictures that you'll find on the site. Not only the ones that she selects for topic articles, but the ones she takes are exceptional as well.

One last thing that really impressed me is how she recently made this amazing coat, which sold out quickly from her etsy store! I always get excited to hear about people utilizing their talents and succeeding. Check out Vera at http://deepinvogue.blogspot.com and if you like what you see, subscribe!


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