January 04, 2009

Fashion Addict Girl

We've been following Fashion Addict for several months now and are glad to share some of the reasons why we love it so much.  Fashion Addict girl is a universitiy student who has the insights of someone probably twice her age her age.  She obviously loves fashion and discusses a wide range of fashion-related topics in a well thought out way.  I can personally relate to many of her posts, which is why I subscribe and am always looking forward to the next one.  She recently posted about society's love for labels.  Something we can all relate to, as we've all seen innumerable people who wear North Face jackets, Abercrombie T-shirts and American Eagle hoodies all the time.  She discusses how the next level of this is when people graduate to designer label-covered purses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  She asks, do we buy these items for their quality or simply for the brand name?

I like Fashion Addict because I can relate to so much of her writing.  One piece that hit home was on the social pressure of thrift shopping.  How many people resent the idea of vintage shopping and how she responds to those people.  Whenever I tell people about how I like to shop at vintage stores, many people give me a look or a face that tells me that they can't believe it.  However, I do my thing and keep shopping vintage.  I love the excitement of finding something unique and for bargain prices.  After all, fashion is about being yourself, feeling comfortable, and expressing yourself in the way that you want to.   

Another one of my favorite posts is when Fashion Addict answers the question that I get a lot as well: "Why do you like fashion so much?".  She brilliantly puts into words her love of the industry, the positive aspects of fashion, and how style items are not just "stuff".  

Unlike many other blogs, Fashion Addict Girl examines a wide range of topics, which is refreshing.  She discusses her experience with university campus fashion, and how its melting pot of looks represents freedom and individuality.  She also reviews books, such as The End of Fashion.  This made me want to go out and buy the book, as it covers history and business side of fashion.  She even goes into the practicality and non-practicality of wearing heels, and how to walk properly in them.  If you're a university student, or in your 20's, you can probably relate to a lot of the writing in this blog.  It covers lots of topics that you've probably encountered or can relate to, so check out Fashion Addict Girl and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hey girlfriend!! you should put on your highheels and strut on over to susy q's cupcake cottage blog. it has layers.

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