January 14, 2009

Pomegranate And Patchouli!

Pomegranate And Patchouli is one of those blogs that (even though I haven't seen any of her outfits) gives me the sense that we both have very similar taste in fashion. Based on the items and trends she posts about, I feel like we both are interested in similar styles. Alya runs the show. She is based in Kuwait, and is also a contributor for Fashion Verbatim. Alya obviously has a passion for fashion. Her site is colorful, bold, with solid pop colors, and definitely unique. I get the feeling that, like me, she accents her outfits with accessories that reflect her personality.
Another thing I like about Pomegranate and Patchouli is the commentary on celebrity looks because they are written in such a conversational tone, like we are friends talking about what we're seeing on television. It's really easy reading, and she uses great pictures to add life to her posts.

Alya puts together some really cool layouts/pieces that make it easy to read and see the patterns or trends that her posts are focused on. She could totally work as a graphic/layout designer for a fashion magazine or website.

She posts non-fashion related topics too, like thoughts on movies and even vacations she's taken. I like seeing this personal element in blogs. I think it puts an actual person behind what you're reading. I think you guys would dig her site, so check out Alya's world at http://pomegranateandpatchouli.blogspot.com and subscribe if you like it!

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