January 11, 2009


I'm telling you guys, there's something in the water in L.A. Sosupersam is more than just a fashion blog. I guess I'd call it a lifestyle blog. Sam runs the show and is based in Los Angeles, California. Is it me, or are people from California just born with cool style? She is super cute, with effortless style that is always streamlined and unique. Her blog is the same way. Very sleek and simple. You guys know how much I dig minimalism. In addition to pictures from some of her adventures in Los Angeles, she also posts about her favorite music, movies, and of course... fashion-related items. I think you guys will dig it. She also adds an element that I rarely see in fashion blogs, which is a strong interest in art. LA seems like a great place with lots of up and coming artists and I can't even imagine how many cool events they have going on out there. She takes wonderful pictures that make me feel like I'm actually there.

Like I said, her own style is super-adorable, and is probably the main reason I keep coming back to see what she posts. I hope to see a lot more of her amazing outfits and the shenanigans she gets into in 2009. Check her out at http://sosupersam.blogspot.com and subscribe if you like what you see!

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