February 09, 2009

Style Symmetry!

Hola friends, happy Monday!! I think I may have developed my first blog-crush. I keep discovering some amazing blogs, and StyleSymmetry is another one that is just so cute and cool and INTERESTING! I really really dig it. Eyeliah is based in Canada, and she steers the ship. She takes pictures of her outfits (which are very cool by the way).

In addition to her amazing outfits, I feel that her other post categories really make her blog shine and stand out from the rest. Eyeliah posts some of her fashion inspiration (from all sorts of sources, including other bloggers, magazines and more), "How I Store" (HOW COOL IS THIS? She goes into detail about how she organizes her closet, and stores various items like purses and scarves. She may not be the first blogger to do something like this, but she's the first that I come across and I love it.), and other non-fashion related topics like life and music.

"How I Store"

Recently, Eyeliah hosted a Clothing Swap Party, which looked unbelievably fun and amazing and even a short write-up of how to host your own! The wheels in my head are already turning. Check out more at www.stylestymmetry.com!