February 09, 2009


Hey guys this is our 100th post!!!! Woohoo!!

If you remember the article I mentioned about being able to "buy" style, then you know how much I can appreciate a person's ability to find diamonds in the rough. And by that, I mean ability to find great articles of clothing during vintage shopping sessions. I love these gems, and it really inspires me to see other people find them too. It keeps me believing that vintage stores are not "all picked over" like some of my friends try to insist.

Sarah and Jo over at WottonCool have this kind of talent and patience. You can keep yourself quite busy by browsing the items they've thrifted for one and two dollars. (ONE and TWO dollars, how ridiculous is that! I can't even begin to imagine the cool stuff they find for barely more than that).

They also post about a super-wide range of other topics, from eBay finds to Etsy finds, couture, live music, make-up, photography and more. It looks like they're having a great time and they document their daily adventures and outfits really well with Wottoncool. Check them out at http://wottoncool.wordpress.com and enjoy! Till next time guys!



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