January 19, 2009

Mahalo Fashion

Mahalo Fashion. Awesome blog. Jen steers the ship and resides in Canada. Not only does she post awesome celebrity pictures taken on the runway, red carpet, and on the street, but she also posts pictures of homes, decor, furniture, and information on specific designers and their creations.

It's always exciting to see what pops up in my Google RSS Reader from Mahalo Fashion. I especially love how Jen's commentary is honest, funny, and the pictures she posts always have something interesting in them to capture your attention.

As you can see in the above picture, she also labels her photos really well so that you can see the celebrity, which designer they're wearing, and sometimes where it was taken. Trust me, if you go to her site, you will be blown away by how much cool material there is on there. You could literally spend entire days going through the archives. The first page alone might take you a full day or two! Absolutely worth a bookmark!

Make sure to drop by www.mahalofashion.com, show Jen some love, and subscribe!

Vintage Find: Scoopneck Tunic

Size: 8
Condition: Excellent
Width: 19"
Length: 19.5" [neckline to bottom]
Sleeve: 8"
Material: 100% Modal [slightly sheer]

DIY Project: Pangea T-Shirt

Size: S, M, L or XL
Brand: Fruit of the Loom
Material: 100% Cotton
('P' on back, near collar)

Pangea is the supercontinent that existed during the Mesozoic era (from 230,000,000 to 63,000,000 years ago), before the process of plate tectonics separated the component continents. As the sea floor spread, Pangea broke up and the continents began to drift away from each another, finally assuming their present positions. The name was coined by Alfred Wegener in 1915. This isn't one your typical vintage t-shirts. This is a handmade piece that you won't find anywhere else. Each continent was cut from cloth and ironed-on by hand!

Vintage Find: Yellow Tunic

Size: M
Condition: Excellent
Width: 17"
Length: 26" [neckline to bottom]
Sleeve: 15"
Material: 100% Cotton

Vintage Find - Astroboy 'PEACE ON EARTH' T-Shirt

Size: Mens M

Brand: Formula
Measurements: Chest 19", Length 23", Arms 8"
Material: 100% Cotton

Condition: Worn once; Screened image in excellent condition.
  • Light gray shirt w/multicolored Astroboy silhouettes

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Hey guys! Got another awesome blog to share with ya! Tru is a college student in New York who posts a great wide variety of things on her blog. First off, she has some lovely thrifting finds (non clothing items too which is always great to see. I love it when people can find great deals on things like discount Jimmy Choo shoes). I love seeing what other people dig up in their hunting. The coolest thing about thrifting is that you never know what you're going to get (records, magazines, books, etc). You might be in for the perfect find of your life, but you don't know it until you go out there and look!

Oh I forgot to mention that her blog is called The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She is a college student, and she also incorporates elements of her student life into her fashion observations as well. Very cool, as I always love seeing photos from any source, both old and new. Another thing I know you guys will appreciate: Tru also posts the fruits of her DIY labor as well! Awesome. I really need to start working on some of the ideas I have in my head. Not enough time, arrrrrrrrgh...
Hop over to Learn the Perks of Wallflowerdom at http://learntheperksofwallflowerdom.blogspot.com and enjoy (I know you will)! Have a great week guys!

Vintage Find: Sheer Vintage Kimono w/ Embroidery

Size: N/A
Brand: Separates by RK
Condition: Excellent
Width: 25"
Length: 14" [shoulder to bottom]
Price: $9

Vintage Find: Seafoam Toga Top

Size: Medium
Material: Rayon/Acrylic
Color: Seafoam Green

Vintage Find: Plaid Puff Sleeve Top

Size: Medium
Condition: Excellent
Width: 16.5"
Length: 22" [shoulder to bottom]
Sleeve: 7.5"
Color: Turquoise

Size: Small
Condition: Excellent
Width: 15.5"
Length: 20" [shoulder to bottom]
Sleeve: 7"

Price: $5

January 18, 2009


Hey party people! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was lovely and filled with friends and fun. We went bowling at this place and I bowled a 183, my best ever! Today I want to share a most-excellent blog with you guys, that of course is fashion-related. Stompface is a blog based in Perth, Australia that reminds me of a fairlytale whenever I read it. Everything looks very airy, whimsical, and magical. Reading her blog makes me feel like I am in a fantasyland, especially when I see all the amazing dresses she wears.

Stompface also seems to be go to all the coolest concerts too, many of which we have similar musical interests in (such as MGMT and Lykke Li). Another thing that really brings her blog to life is the fact that she has an excellent photographer who seems to capture her free-spirited and funloving personality very well.

Other things I dig about Stompface that I think you guys would also dig: I am always looking forward to seeing what lovely new treats she comes home with or gets in the mail. She creates some excellent sketches that really make me want to start sketching again as well. Overall her blog is real fun to follow. I get excited to see a post of hers pop up in my Google Reader. I think you guys will agree, so go hop over to http://stompface.blogspot.com and enjoy the incredible fun and carefree world that she's created!

Vintage Find: Ruffled Mini-Dress

Size: 4
Brand: Alain Toussaint
Color: Aqua
Condition: Great
Width: 15"
Length: 28" [neckline to bottom]
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Price: $6

Vintage Find: Plaid Top w/Lace Inserts (Lux)

Size: Medium
Condition: Brand New
Width: 18"
Length: 21" [shoulder to bottom]
Color: Pink & Black
Price: $5

January 16, 2009

Hannah Couture

Hannah Couture is bar none one of the coolest fashion blogs out there. You know how I always say that photographs say much more than words? Hannah Couture is the epitome of that statement, as you will see. She uses truly wonderful images to bring her posts to life. Utilizing different media including movie screencaptures, vintage black and white photography, magazine scans, polaroids, and her own photographs, she paints a clear picture of her fashion inspiration, likes, and wants. Hannah's posts cover all aspects of fashion too, from celebrity she digs, to magazine fashion spreads that she wants to share, to styles she digs from parties or movies (both old and new), to items she simply wants - as all of us feel sometimes.

I really dig Hannah Couture blog because it is so streamlined. You guys know how much I am into minimalism. Her blog doesn't bombard you with the clutter that you see on so many blogs nowadays. Moreover, we like the styles of many similar celebrities, from Sienna Miller (in alfie too, one of my favorites!) to Rachel Bilson to Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie. She can appreciate styles from the golden era as well, such as Grace Kelly and Audey Hepburn.

Hannah Couture is such a visually powerful blog that you have to see it to appreciate it. I think you guys would especially dig the movie screen captures and magazine layouts. They are all of excellent quality. Check out Hannah's world at http://hannahcouture.blogspot.com. It rocks!

Vintage Find: Gray/Blue Western Shirt

Size: Mens S
Measurements: Chest 20.5", Length 27", Arms 25"
Material: 68% Cotton
, 32% Nylon
Condition: Excellent condition.
  • Ivory Snap-buttons
  • Gray/navy blue colored material
  • Blue/white/orange plaid pattern on inside of collar & cuffs

Vintage Find: Punk Babyface T-Shirt

Size: Mens L
Brand: Heavy Metal
Measurements: Chest 21", Length 25", Arms 8"
Material: 100% Cotton

Condition: No cracking in screened image. Great shape.
Price: $6
  • Real metal studs in eyebrow, tongue & ear

January 15, 2009

Vintage Lollipops!

Bella over at Vintage Lollipops is someone that I consider who has lots of similar fashion tendencies as myself. When I first stumbled onto her blog, I thought... 'hey this girl likes to rock accessories that totally personalize her look too!'. Bella writes for chictopia and luxeandthecity as well, and the thing I love about her photos is that they're not just taken in her bedroom, but with some pretty awesome backdrops to boot!

Obviously you wouldn't follow someone's blog if you didn't think they're style was rad. Bella and I have similar taste in fur, accessories, shorts, and boots. She usually lists where she gets her clothing, and it comes from a wide variety of places, which is cool. Not only that, but you can get to know her through some of the stories she tells and the surveys she fills out. I think that element of blogging is awesome, as you get a small personal snapshot of what someone likes/dislikes/whatnot. Check out Bella's site at http://vintagelollipops.blogspot.com and if you dig what you see & read, subscribe to her RSS feed! Bye guys, have a great week!

Vintage Find: Button-up shirt (Levi's)

Size: Mens M

Brand: Levi's
Measurements: Chest 20.5", Length 26", Arms 24"
Material: 100% Cotton
(Urethane face)
Condition: Vintage; fabric has soft feel
Price: $3
  • Snap buttons
  • Vintage Levi's tag & tab (brown)
  • Heavy cotton (Tan/Brown)

Vintage Find: Off-The-Shoulder Tee

Size: Fits like a Medium
Brand: N/A
Condition: Vintage
Width: 18"
Length: 19" [neckline to bottom]
Sleeve: 4.25"
Color: Pink/Purple
Logo reads: "Dance Troupe Parent"
Price: $3

January 14, 2009

Pomegranate And Patchouli!

Pomegranate And Patchouli is one of those blogs that (even though I haven't seen any of her outfits) gives me the sense that we both have very similar taste in fashion. Based on the items and trends she posts about, I feel like we both are interested in similar styles. Alya runs the show. She is based in Kuwait, and is also a contributor for Fashion Verbatim. Alya obviously has a passion for fashion. Her site is colorful, bold, with solid pop colors, and definitely unique. I get the feeling that, like me, she accents her outfits with accessories that reflect her personality.
Another thing I like about Pomegranate and Patchouli is the commentary on celebrity looks because they are written in such a conversational tone, like we are friends talking about what we're seeing on television. It's really easy reading, and she uses great pictures to add life to her posts.

Alya puts together some really cool layouts/pieces that make it easy to read and see the patterns or trends that her posts are focused on. She could totally work as a graphic/layout designer for a fashion magazine or website.

She posts non-fashion related topics too, like thoughts on movies and even vacations she's taken. I like seeing this personal element in blogs. I think it puts an actual person behind what you're reading. I think you guys would dig her site, so check out Alya's world at http://pomegranateandpatchouli.blogspot.com and subscribe if you like it!

Vintage Find: Waitress Style Tunic

Size: One Size Fits All
Measurements: Width 19", Length 29"
Material: 100% Cotton
Condition: Excellent
Price: $8

Vintage Find: Olive Military Jacket (Buffalo)

Size: Mens L (Fits like a Medium/Large)
Brand: BUFFALO, David Bitton
Measurements: Chest 21", Length 25", Arms 25"
Material: 100% Cotton

Condition: In great ghape.
Price: $12
  • Buttoned shoulder straps
  • 2 front outside pockets & 1 inside chest pocket
  • Heavy cotton

Vintage Find: Paul Frank Button-Up Shirt

Size: Mens L
Brand: Paul Frank
Measurements: Chest 22", Length 26", Arms 26"
Material: 100% Cotton

Condition: Worn
Price: $9

January 11, 2009


I'm telling you guys, there's something in the water in L.A. Sosupersam is more than just a fashion blog. I guess I'd call it a lifestyle blog. Sam runs the show and is based in Los Angeles, California. Is it me, or are people from California just born with cool style? She is super cute, with effortless style that is always streamlined and unique. Her blog is the same way. Very sleek and simple. You guys know how much I dig minimalism. In addition to pictures from some of her adventures in Los Angeles, she also posts about her favorite music, movies, and of course... fashion-related items. I think you guys will dig it. She also adds an element that I rarely see in fashion blogs, which is a strong interest in art. LA seems like a great place with lots of up and coming artists and I can't even imagine how many cool events they have going on out there. She takes wonderful pictures that make me feel like I'm actually there.

Like I said, her own style is super-adorable, and is probably the main reason I keep coming back to see what she posts. I hope to see a lot more of her amazing outfits and the shenanigans she gets into in 2009. Check her out at http://sosupersam.blogspot.com and subscribe if you like what you see!

Vintage Find: Birdie Short Sleeved Button-up

Size: Fits like a Mens M/L
Measurements: Width = 20", Length = 27", Sleeve = 9"
Brand: 'Made Expressly for U.S. Coast Guard'
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Light Blue

* Built in epaulets (shoulder strap styled with a military look)
* Both birds are iron-on appliques, made w/ blue & white fabric
* Bird on chest = 3" Wide, 2.5" Tall
* Bird on back/left-bottom = 5" Wide, 3" Tall
* Lightweight fabric (cotton/polyester/rayon blend)

Vintage Find: Peach V-Neck Top

Size: 8
Condition: Excellent
Width: 20"
Length: 17" [neckline to bottom]
Sleeve: 5"
Material: 100% Lyocell [Light/Sheer Material]
Price: $6

Vintage Find: White Peep-Toe Flats

Brand: Meiliandia (Japanese)

Size: 7
Material: White Pleather/PVC (Faux-Leather)
Condition: there is a very tiny white scratch on one toe (only noticeable upon very close inspection)
Price: $19

Konichiwa! Are you in love with Japanese fashion, ala the FRUITS magazine? Now you can have your own piece of authentic Japanese fashion. I bought these ultra-cute peep-toe flats from a boutique in Japan and gently wore them a few times in the spring. Now it's summer time and these peep-toes are screaming to be worn! They're the perfect way to show off your pedi!

Flats are comfortable anyways, but these take comfort to a new level! There is padding at the heel and the criss cross peep toe design allows your little piggies to breathe. The design of these are very unique, but what else can you expect from Japanese hipsters?!

January 09, 2009

Fruchtzwerg's Island

You know how I always talk about how cold weather is so much better for style than hot weather? Well, the perfect example of this thinking is Fruchtzwerg, who is a student based in Germany. She runs Fruchtzwerg's Island, where not only can you see her all her cute styles, outfits, and looks. She makes lovely use of layering and accent colors. And the best part is that it all looks so effortless!

In addition, Fruchtzwerg posts some great items for sale too! (If only I were her size *sigh*). She sells items from various brands including H&M Trend, some of which are only available from a limited number of stores in Germany. Lately she has posted some supercute jackets and dresses that are a really good deal for being in new or near-new condition.

Looking forward to more great reads and outfits from this girl. It's always great to see sources of inspiration, and implementing them into actual use. Till next time guys. Until then, check out Fruchtzwerg's island at at http://fruchtzwergisland.blogspot.com!

Vintage Find: Butterfly Top

Size: Fits like a M/L
Brand: N/A
Condition: Excellent
Width: 19.5"
Length: 19" [neckline to bottom]
Sleeve: 7.5"
Price: $5

Shirt of the Month: Assorted Sushi

Brand: (none)
Material: 100% Cotton

  • Shirt includes definitions of various sushi terms (Murasaki, Oaiso, Otemoto, Sabi = Soy sauce, Bill or Check, Chopsticks, Wasabi)
  • Also has the Japanese & English names for different types of sushi (Akami Maguro, Tako, Ika = Red Tuna, Octopus, Cuttlefish)
  • No need for a menu @ your local Japanese restaurant... Just point to your chest!

Vintage Find: Cropped Peacoat (Gap)

Size: 6
Brand: Gap
Condition: Great shape
Width: 17"
Length: 19.5"
Sleeve: 25"
Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Because I'm Addicted!

Hey guys! Have you ever met or seen anyone and thought, "Yowza, his/her style is so amazing that it's just NOT fair!". That's what I think when I see new outfits by Geri, over at Because I'm Addicted. She's one of the few people whose style I would call impeccable (case in point). Saying something like that is kind of a double-edged sword because you set such high expectations. However, in her case, I think that fashion and style have become so effortless that it's easy for her at this point! She is so inspiring, I swear.

It's also cool how she shares where she shops and gets some of her clothes, like Jetrag or the Melrose Trading Post. Anyway, just wanted to share her blog with you guys because I know you'll appreciate it. Even in a city like LA, where everyone seems to look amazing (Yes, you've seen it on TV and I've been to LA many many times so I know), I think she stands out like a true star .

As I never seem to have enough time to keep up with all my street style subscriptions, I'm happy that I can also find some choice street style looks over at Because I'm Addicted. She posts some excellent selections from The Sartorialist and Cobrasnake. Oh, one thing that I dig so much about following her blog is that she seems to attend the coolest events and seems to brush elbows with musicians, fashion mavens, and other fun people (i.e. Seth McFarlane)! I love reading about these encounters through her eyes. Anyway, you guys will love her blog I know it. Her blog has been featured in innumerable style sites, and she has also contributed to the likes of rackedLA and threadbanger. Tune in to http://www.becauseimaddicted.net and see what adventures she gets into this year!


Cotton, Clothing, & the Environment

What is organic cotton?

Certified Organic Cotton is grown and harvested according to strict standards without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or defoliants. It must be grown on land that has been free of such chemicals for at least three years. Independent state or private certification agencies inspect these farms and processing facilities each year.

What's so bad about conventional cotton?
According to the Sustainable Cotton Project, a nonprofit group, it takes
roughly 1/3 pound of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to
grow enough
conventional cotton for a single T-shirt. Then, ammonia, formaldehyde,
and other chemicals are used to process and finish it. Many of these
chemicals are known or suspected carcinogens.
Cotton is the most widely used clothing fiber in the world and it accounts
for 22% of all insecticides used. Eighty-four million pounds of pesticides
were sprayed on the 14.4 million acres of conventional cotton grown in
the U.S. in 2000 (5.85 lbs/ acre), ranking cotton 2nd behind corn in total
amount of pesticides sprayed (USDA).
There are approximately 300,000
pesticide related illnesses
among farm workers in the USA each year.

Organic cotton production is important to
the health of the farm workers
who harvest it and
the long-term health of the planet.

What obstacles stand in the way of organic cotton?
Converting a clothing line to organic cotton isn't easy.  Lack of supply is
just one barrier that prevents the wider adoption of environmentally-friendly
clothing. In many cases, companies have to develop their own material
from scratch.

Price is another issue. Generally, organic cotton costs more to grow than
conventional cotton, but the economics differ depending on variables like
quality and location. Organic cotton from India, for example, can be cost
competitive with conventional cotton. This is because
labor costs are lower
and organic farms have been operating for more than a few years.

Hesitancy to Convert
Many companies and growers are still doubtful of organic cotton, in part because of past failures. In the mid-1990's, companies including Gap and Levi Strauss experimented with organic cotton, but stopped after finding it costly and consumers uninterested in the styles. The number of acres planted with organic cotton, most of it in the U.S., plunged as a result.
The amount of organic cotton produced worldwide each year, 24 million
pounds, is less than 1 percent of conventionally grown cotton.

Who is taking part in the organic cotton movement?
The number of brands using organic cotton is accelerating - to more than 250
in the United States today from fewer than 100 in 2002, according to the
Organic Exchange, an industry-sponsoredorganization in Berkeley, CA.

The most powerful nudge has been from big companies like Nike, whose
long-term commitments to organic cotton have given suppliers a measure
of comfort. It has set a goal of using organic fibers for at least 5% of its
cotton-based garments by 2010. That means more than five million pounds
of organic cotton a year.

Other companies working towards greater organic cotton use:
  • Patagonia, an outdoor apparel maker, converted its entire cotton line to organic in 1994.
  • Rogan Jeans' Loomstate line is made of 100% organic cotton
  • Dov Charney, American Apparel senior partner, plans that in four years, 80 percent of American Apparel's products will consist of organic cotton.
  • Timberland began using organic cotton in 2003 when they converted their promotional T-shirt to 100% organic cotton. Since then they have introduced a collection of 100% organic cotton products as well as blending organic cotton in all of their T-shirts.

Vintage Find: Metallic Bronze Woven Pumps

Size: Womens 6.5/7
Material: Metallic PVC (leather-like)
Brand: None (from Japan)
  • These pointed-toe pumps are woven metallic bronze.
  • Heel is 1 1/4" high.
  • Great with jeans for a night out!