January 16, 2009

Hannah Couture

Hannah Couture is bar none one of the coolest fashion blogs out there. You know how I always say that photographs say much more than words? Hannah Couture is the epitome of that statement, as you will see. She uses truly wonderful images to bring her posts to life. Utilizing different media including movie screencaptures, vintage black and white photography, magazine scans, polaroids, and her own photographs, she paints a clear picture of her fashion inspiration, likes, and wants. Hannah's posts cover all aspects of fashion too, from celebrity she digs, to magazine fashion spreads that she wants to share, to styles she digs from parties or movies (both old and new), to items she simply wants - as all of us feel sometimes.

I really dig Hannah Couture blog because it is so streamlined. You guys know how much I am into minimalism. Her blog doesn't bombard you with the clutter that you see on so many blogs nowadays. Moreover, we like the styles of many similar celebrities, from Sienna Miller (in alfie too, one of my favorites!) to Rachel Bilson to Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie. She can appreciate styles from the golden era as well, such as Grace Kelly and Audey Hepburn.

Hannah Couture is such a visually powerful blog that you have to see it to appreciate it. I think you guys would especially dig the movie screen captures and magazine layouts. They are all of excellent quality. Check out Hannah's world at http://hannahcouture.blogspot.com. It rocks!