January 09, 2009

Because I'm Addicted!

Hey guys! Have you ever met or seen anyone and thought, "Yowza, his/her style is so amazing that it's just NOT fair!". That's what I think when I see new outfits by Geri, over at Because I'm Addicted. She's one of the few people whose style I would call impeccable (case in point). Saying something like that is kind of a double-edged sword because you set such high expectations. However, in her case, I think that fashion and style have become so effortless that it's easy for her at this point! She is so inspiring, I swear.

It's also cool how she shares where she shops and gets some of her clothes, like Jetrag or the Melrose Trading Post. Anyway, just wanted to share her blog with you guys because I know you'll appreciate it. Even in a city like LA, where everyone seems to look amazing (Yes, you've seen it on TV and I've been to LA many many times so I know), I think she stands out like a true star .

As I never seem to have enough time to keep up with all my street style subscriptions, I'm happy that I can also find some choice street style looks over at Because I'm Addicted. She posts some excellent selections from The Sartorialist and Cobrasnake. Oh, one thing that I dig so much about following her blog is that she seems to attend the coolest events and seems to brush elbows with musicians, fashion mavens, and other fun people (i.e. Seth McFarlane)! I love reading about these encounters through her eyes. Anyway, you guys will love her blog I know it. Her blog has been featured in innumerable style sites, and she has also contributed to the likes of rackedLA and threadbanger. Tune in to http://www.becauseimaddicted.net and see what adventures she gets into this year!


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