January 09, 2009

Fruchtzwerg's Island

You know how I always talk about how cold weather is so much better for style than hot weather? Well, the perfect example of this thinking is Fruchtzwerg, who is a student based in Germany. She runs Fruchtzwerg's Island, where not only can you see her all her cute styles, outfits, and looks. She makes lovely use of layering and accent colors. And the best part is that it all looks so effortless!

In addition, Fruchtzwerg posts some great items for sale too! (If only I were her size *sigh*). She sells items from various brands including H&M Trend, some of which are only available from a limited number of stores in Germany. Lately she has posted some supercute jackets and dresses that are a really good deal for being in new or near-new condition.

Looking forward to more great reads and outfits from this girl. It's always great to see sources of inspiration, and implementing them into actual use. Till next time guys. Until then, check out Fruchtzwerg's island at at http://fruchtzwergisland.blogspot.com!

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