January 18, 2009


Hey party people! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was lovely and filled with friends and fun. We went bowling at this place and I bowled a 183, my best ever! Today I want to share a most-excellent blog with you guys, that of course is fashion-related. Stompface is a blog based in Perth, Australia that reminds me of a fairlytale whenever I read it. Everything looks very airy, whimsical, and magical. Reading her blog makes me feel like I am in a fantasyland, especially when I see all the amazing dresses she wears.

Stompface also seems to be go to all the coolest concerts too, many of which we have similar musical interests in (such as MGMT and Lykke Li). Another thing that really brings her blog to life is the fact that she has an excellent photographer who seems to capture her free-spirited and funloving personality very well.

Other things I dig about Stompface that I think you guys would also dig: I am always looking forward to seeing what lovely new treats she comes home with or gets in the mail. She creates some excellent sketches that really make me want to start sketching again as well. Overall her blog is real fun to follow. I get excited to see a post of hers pop up in my Google Reader. I think you guys will agree, so go hop over to http://stompface.blogspot.com and enjoy the incredible fun and carefree world that she's created!


Jennifer said...

I love stompface!

ryder said...

this is all true. i have been looking at stompface blog for a while now and i found out that she is s girl with great positive nergy, funny, sportsgirl fan:), excellent drawer, incredible looking (what a great face!!!), and dress lover. one of the best style/life bloggers around.

Fleurr De Lux said...

We Love Stompface!!!

She's really hilarious, and it's nice to see someone with a fashion blog who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Perhaps most importantly, the clothes are great too!!

xo M&L