February 10, 2009

Qin At The Disco!

Hi guys, happy Wednesday! Haha. I just picked up some awesome finds yesterday at this church flea market. I took some pictures of the adventure and will post them up soon, as well as pics of my dream jacket!

Anyway, I wanted to share this lovely blog with you guys: Qin At The Disco. It's very very cool. Qin runs the show from Singapore, and she posts awesome runway pictures, pics of her own outfits, and awesome magazine scans as well, which you guys know I am addicted to at the moment. There are so many to keep up with, that I get my fix online. Plus, it saves trees :D

I especially like Qin's site because her style reminds me a lot of my own =). If you've seen some of the vintage finds I've posted as of late, you'll see a lot of colors, flats, skirts, dresses, and the like. I especially love seeing this stuff on other people if they are vintage finds.

If you guys want to see more of what you see below, go to http://qinatthedisco.blogspot.com!

Vintage Find: Knowledge is Power T-Shirt

Size: Mens S (Fits like a XSmall/Small, snug fit)
Measurements: Chest 18", Length 23.5", Arms 8"
Material: 100% Cotton

Condition: Worn & washed. No cracking in screened image.

Vintage Find: - Cassette Tape Shirt

Size: Mens S/M
Brand: Funny Age
Measurements: Chest 17.5", Length 24", Arms 7"
Material: 100% Cotton

  • "Skeleton Mad Pirate Fette Rat"
  • Cassette Tape image on back-bottom/right of shirt

February 09, 2009


If you guys have not checked out WeWearThings yet, I suggest you go take a gander. Some of you have mentioned how you like the guy items that we post here. Over at WeWearThings, you will find a good amount of male outfits as well, which you will appreciate.

The vibe of the blog is more mature and streamliend than a lot of the younger, more trendy sites you'll find online. Not so many bold and bright colors. Lots of boots, lots of heels... A lot more working wear and classic pieces and designs, which I am trying to incorporate into my wardrobe.

I especially love how frequently they post... They keep my Google Feedreader nicely filled =). The crew posts a lot of outfits of course, with great commentary about their thoughts on them. In addition, they also post about life in general, for instance how they celebrate birthdays and such. They seem like a fun bunch of friends. Check out http://wewearthings.blogspot.com for the blog, and Issa's Etsy store at http://issarocks.etsy.com/!


Hey guys this is our 100th post!!!! Woohoo!!

If you remember the article I mentioned about being able to "buy" style, then you know how much I can appreciate a person's ability to find diamonds in the rough. And by that, I mean ability to find great articles of clothing during vintage shopping sessions. I love these gems, and it really inspires me to see other people find them too. It keeps me believing that vintage stores are not "all picked over" like some of my friends try to insist.

Sarah and Jo over at WottonCool have this kind of talent and patience. You can keep yourself quite busy by browsing the items they've thrifted for one and two dollars. (ONE and TWO dollars, how ridiculous is that! I can't even begin to imagine the cool stuff they find for barely more than that).

They also post about a super-wide range of other topics, from eBay finds to Etsy finds, couture, live music, make-up, photography and more. It looks like they're having a great time and they document their daily adventures and outfits really well with Wottoncool. Check them out at http://wottoncool.wordpress.com and enjoy! Till next time guys!


Style Symmetry!

Hola friends, happy Monday!! I think I may have developed my first blog-crush. I keep discovering some amazing blogs, and StyleSymmetry is another one that is just so cute and cool and INTERESTING! I really really dig it. Eyeliah is based in Canada, and she steers the ship. She takes pictures of her outfits (which are very cool by the way).

In addition to her amazing outfits, I feel that her other post categories really make her blog shine and stand out from the rest. Eyeliah posts some of her fashion inspiration (from all sorts of sources, including other bloggers, magazines and more), "How I Store" (HOW COOL IS THIS? She goes into detail about how she organizes her closet, and stores various items like purses and scarves. She may not be the first blogger to do something like this, but she's the first that I come across and I love it.), and other non-fashion related topics like life and music.

"How I Store"

Recently, Eyeliah hosted a Clothing Swap Party, which looked unbelievably fun and amazing and even a short write-up of how to host your own! The wheels in my head are already turning. Check out more at www.stylestymmetry.com!

February 08, 2009

Fashion Fille!

Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was grand. Lots of rain in these parts, but got some productive work done. No new purchases to share. I do have a great blog for y'all!

Fashionfille is a lovely blog that covers a wide variety of fashion-related topics. From trends to inspiration, to wanted-items and outfits as well. Her outfits are really great, and she also details where she buys some of the items. And it's great to see that lots of her pieces are affordable, from the likes of H&M and such.

There is also an Etsy store associated with the blog, which you can find by clicking here. As of this writing, available in the Etsy store are handknit headbands adorned with flowers. You can even request a specific flower type and color, and the headband will be custom made for you!

Check out www.fashionfille.com. Trust me guys, you'll dig it! Till next time, hope you had a great weekend!